Chromosome 14

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ENTITIES: by Chromosome band

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Chromosome 14

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Band 14p11

chr14:8000000-17200000 (9200 Kb)

  • Chromosomal abnormalities in band 14p11
  • Genes in band 14p11 (reference hg38)
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    Chromosomal abnormalities in band 14p11

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    Band 1Band 2ClassEntityPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphology[PubMed][Study]
    14p1114q21Cosmic_SVdel(14)(p11q21)  Cosmic_SV [COST196143]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p1114q21Cosmic_SVdel(14)(p11q21)  Cosmic_SV [COST196753]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p1114q31Cosmic_SVdel(14)(p11q31)  Cosmic_SV [COST198387]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p1114q32Cosmic_SVdel(14)(p11q32)  Cosmic_SV [COST195698]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p11 Mitelmander(14)add(14)(p11)add(14)(q32)  Mitelman (CGAP)Soft tissueLeiomyosarcoma  
    1q1014p11Mitelmander(14)t(1;14)(q10;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q1114p11Mitelmander(14)t(1;14)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Polycythemia vera  
    1q2114p11Mitelmander(14)t(1;14)(q21;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    14p1117q11Mitelmander(14)t(14;17)(p11;q11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia  
    14p11 Cosmic_SVdup(14)(p11)  Cosmic_SV [COST195943]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p11 Cosmic_SVdup(14)(p11)  Cosmic_SV [COST196314]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p11 Cosmic_SVdup(14)(p11)  Cosmic_SV [COST196382]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p11 Cosmic_SVdup(14)(p11)  Cosmic_SV [COST199342]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    14p1114q31Cosmic_SVinv(14)(p11q31)  Cosmic_SV [COST198832]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    11q1314p11Mitelmant(11;14)(q13;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    1q1014p11dbCRIDt(1;14)(q10;p11.2)  11481Multiple Myeloma[PubMed] 
    1q1014p11Mitelmant(1;14)(q10;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q1114p11Mitelmant(1;14)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Polycythemia vera  
    1q2114p11Mitelmant(1;14)(q21;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    14p1115q11Mitelmant(14;15)(p11;q11)  Mitelman (CGAP)BreastAdenocarcinoma  
    14p1117p11Mitelmant(14;17)(p11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic myeloid leukemia, t(9;22)  
    14p1117q11Mitelmant(14;17)(p11;q11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Chronic lymphocytic leukemia  
    14p1121q11dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q11)  10053T-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia[PubMed] 
    14p1121q21dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q21)  10133Down Syndrome[PubMed] 
    14p1121q21dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q21)  10134Down Syndrome[PubMed] 
    14p1121q21dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q21)  10135Down Syndrome[PubMed] 
    14p1121q21dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q21)  10136Down Syndrome[PubMed] 
    14p1121q21dbCRIDt(14;21)(p11;q21)  10137Down Syndrome[PubMed] 
    Yq1214p11dbCRIDt(Y;14)(q12;p11)  10378Infertility[PubMed] 

    Genes in band 14p11

    (click on headers to reorder columns)
    GoldenPath hg38Band 1Band 2ClassCloneFusionPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphologyPubmedOmimAccession

    [ Bold normal : A; Italic normal :G; Italic small : E ]

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    Mitelman Database [NCI] : Breakpoint 14p11

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    Gene Expression (MSigDB) in 14p11  [ HTC ]  [ NCI ]  [ INV ]

    Global tables

  • Anomalies list (tabulated txt file)
  • Gene list (tabulated txt file)
  • list of gene fusions for each gene (with origins of the data)
  • list of gene fusions by origin (with topography and morphology)
  • References

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    Writtenmay 2012Philippe Dessen
    Updatedjanv. 2019Philippe Dessen and Jean-Loup Huret


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