Chromosome 22

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Chromosome 22

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Band 22p11

chr22:9400000-15000000 (5600 Kb)

  • Chromosomal abnormalities in band 22p11
  • Genes in band 22p11 (reference hg38)
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    Chromosomal abnormalities in band 22p11

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    Band 1Band 2ClassEntityPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphology[PubMed][Study]
    22p1122q13Cosmic_SVdel(22)(p11q13)  Cosmic_SV [COST196447]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    22p1122q13Cosmic_SVdel(22)(p11q13)  Cosmic_SV [COST196457]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    1q1022p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q10;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q1122p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    1q1222p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q12;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Follicular lymphoma  
    1q1222p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q12;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q2122p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q21;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma  
    1q2322p11Mitelmander(22)t(1;22)(q23;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    14q1122p11Mitelmander(22)t(14;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)BreastAdenocarcinoma  
    7q1122p11Mitelmander(22)t(7;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute erythroleukemia (FAB type M6)  
    8q1122p11Mitelmander(22)t(8;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)PancreasAdenocarcinoma  
    13p1122p11Mitelmandic(13;22)(p11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)BrainMeningioma  
    16q1122p11Mitelmandic(16;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myelomonocytic leukemia (FAB type M4)  
    20p1222p11Mitelmandic(20;22)(p12;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) T-prolymphocytic leukemia  
    21p1122p11Mitelmandic(21;22)(p11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myeloid leukemia, NOS  
    9p1122p11Mitelmandic(9;22)(p11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    22p11 Mitelmanidic(22)(p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute erythroleukemia (FAB type M6)  
    22p11 Mitelmanidic(22)(p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myeloblastic leukemia with maturation (FAB type M2)  
    22p11 Mitelmanidic(22)(p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myeloid leukemia, NOS  
    22p11 Mitelmanidic(22)(p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute myelomonocytic leukemia (FAB type M4)  
    22p1122q13Cosmic_SVinv(22)(p11q13)  Cosmic_SV [COST199219]prostate__NScarcinoma__adenocarcinoma[PubMed] 
    1q1022p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q10;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q1122p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    1q1222p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q12;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Follicular lymphoma  
    1q1222p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q12;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Multiple myeloma  
    1q2122p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q21;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma  
    1q2322p11Mitelmant(1;22)(q23;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma  
    13q1122p11Mitelmant(13;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)BreastAdenocarcinoma  
    14q1122p11Mitelmant(14;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)BreastAdenocarcinoma  
    18q1122p11dbCRIDt(18;22)(q11;p11.2)  10466Epithelioid Sarcoma[PubMed] 
    3p1322p11dbCRIDt(3;22)(p13;p11)  10206Acute Myelocytic Leukemia[PubMed] 
    3q1122p11dbCRIDt(3;22)(q11;p11)  10114Pancreatic Tumours[PubMed] 
    7q1122p11Mitelmant(7;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP) Acute erythroleukemia (FAB type M6)  
    8q1122p11dbCRIDt(8;22)(q11;p11)  10111Cancer[PubMed] 
    8q1122p11Mitelmant(8;22)(q11;p11)  Mitelman (CGAP)PancreasAdenocarcinoma  
    8q2422p11dbCRIDt(8;22)(q24;p11.1)  10978Burkitt Lymphoma[PubMed] 
    Xp1122p11dbCRIDt(X;22)(p11.3;p11)  11522[PubMed] 
    Xp2222p11dbCRIDt(X;22)(p22.1;p11.1)  10876[PubMed] 

    Genes in band 22p11

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    GoldenPath hg38Band 1Band 2ClassCloneFusionPartner 1Partner 2LinksTopographyMorphologyPubmedOmimAccession
    chr22:10940597-10961529 - 22p11   Gene [G]     FRG1FP       [Omim] [Entrez]
    chr22:11897406-11956534 + 22p11   Gene [G]     LOC102723769       [Omim] [Entrez]

    [ Bold normal : A; Italic normal :G; Italic small : E ]

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    External links

    Mitelman Database [NCI] : Breakpoint 22p11

    [ UCSC ][ enSembl ][ MapView - NCBI ][ 1000Genomes ][ EVS ][ CGWB ][ DGV ][ DBVar ][ OMIM ][ HapMap ][ DECIPHER ] [ ECARUCA ]
    Gene Expression (MSigDB) in 22p11  [ HTC ]  [ NCI ]  [ INV ]

    Global tables

  • Anomalies list (tabulated txt file)
  • Gene list (tabulated txt file)
  • list of gene fusions for each gene (with origins of the data)
  • list of gene fusions by origin (with topography and morphology)
  • References

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    Writtenmay 2012Philippe Dessen
    Updatedjanv. 2019Philippe Dessen and Jean-Loup Huret


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