Trichothiodystrophy (TTD)

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Written2000-10Claude Viguié
Service de Dermatologie, Hôpital Tarnier-Cochin, 89 rue d'Assas, 75006 Paris, France

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1. Identity

Other namesIchtyosis, brittle hair, intellectual impairment, decreased fertility, and short stature syndrome (IBIDS)
Atlas_Id 10042
Genes implicated inERCC2  ERCC3  GTF2H5  MPLKIP 
Inheritance recessive autosomal

2. Clinics

Phenotype and clinics
  • Photosensitivity, Ichtiosys, Brittle hair, Intellectual impairment, Decreased fertility, Short stature (PIBIDS syndrome).
  • photosensitivity is absent in 50% of cases (therefore called IBIDS syndrome).
  • Neoplastic risk this familial disease IS NOT a cancer prone disease but it involves the same complementation groups as in xeroderma pigmentosum and Cockayne syndrome (XPD, XPB), and share defects in similar genes
    Prognosis depends on the DNA repair defect (photosensitivity: XPD-ERCC2, XPB-ERCC3, TTD-A) and on the transcription errors (other signs)

    3. Cytogenetics

    Inborn conditions no known chromosome abnormalities

    4. Genes involved and Proteins

    Note the DNA repair defect is found in 3 classes:
  • patient with TTD-A group (low level of the TFIIH transcription factor),
  • patients mutated in the XPB gene (TTD/XPB), involving XPB, also called ERCC3, located in 2q21; and
  • all the other patients mutated in the XPD gene (TTD/XPD), involving XPD, also called ERCC2, located in 19q13

  • 5. Bibliography

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    Trichothiodystrophy (TTD)
    Atlas Genet Cytogenet Oncol Haematol. 2000;4(4):223-223.
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